Decorative stone – an extraordinary material for walls in your bathroom

Decorative stone

An extraordinary material for walls in your bathroom

Decorative stone is one of the hottest interior design trends of recent seasons. It looks great in the hall, in the living room, and in the kitchen, as well as in the bathroom. As you know, the bathroom is a room with high humidity, and not every wall finish will work here. Natural stone is ideal not only for its moisture resistance and durability but also for its timeless and attractive appearance.

Moisture prevailing in the bathroom forces the use of durable materials on the walls and on the floor. An important feature is also their ease of keeping clean. The most common finishing materials here are still ceramic tiles, although more and more people, following trends and original designs, decide to use decorative stone. It looks great as a decoration of the entire wall or its part, it also looks impressive as a mosaic or large stone slab. Stone claddings are distinguished by interesting textures and structures, as well as durability and resistance to damage, they are also not afraid of changing temperatures. It is worth remembering that decorative stone is a heavy material, so it cannot always be used on the entire wall – it can be too heavy for it.

Decorative stone looks great both in large and spacious bathrooms as well as in small rooms – however, it must be skillfully selected before the bathroom renovation. The choice is not limited only to the color and texture of the cladding but above all to its type. Not every stone will be suitable for places with high humidity, some types of stone cladding used in the bathroom will have to be subjected to cyclical impregnation.

  • Granite

It belongs to the group of the hardest types of natural stone, it does not absorb moisture, which is why it is perfect for bathrooms. In addition, granite is easy to keep clean, it is not susceptible to stains, and it does not wear off quickly. Its additional advantage is a wide range of colors.

  • Marble

It has a luxurious look. For many years, it has been a willingly chosen material, e.g. for kitchen countertops. Marble is less durable than granite, it must also be subjected to systematic maintenance – if neglected, it may start to tarnish, and it will easily absorb water and dirt. Poorly protected marble is not resistant to mechanical damage and scratches.

How to protect stone cladding against moisture?

For the installation of stone cladding, a good quality adhesive should be used, characterized by high adhesion and water resistance. In order for the stone walls in the bathroom to look impressive for a long time, impregnation should be carried out at the very beginning of use and repeated regularly. Particular attention should be paid to joints and places exposed to moisture.

Care should also be taken when cleaning stone tiles. The most important thing here is to make sure that the cleaning agent used does not react with the type of stone. Otherwise, the cladding may become discolored, and the damaged surface will absorb water and dirt much more easily.

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