How to make the bathroom look bigger?

How to make the bathroom look bigger?

When planning a bathroom renovation, there are a few things to keep in mind: 

1) When designing a small bathroom, be careful not to add too many colors and accessories. Bright colors, and simple lines, without too much detail, will allow a small bathroom to keep its space.

2) Some people believe that mirroring the walls in the bathroom will make the space feel larger. But what you get by mirroring the walls is repeating all the details of the bathroom, which contributes to the overall “mess” in the bathroom. Currently, we have a very large selection of wall and floor tile sizes. The traditional approach is to use small tiles for a small bathroom and large tiles for a large one. This is an outdated statement, the fewer joints on the walls and on the floor, the fewer details in the bathroom, which makes the bathroom more clean and spacious. Large tiles can be successfully used during the small bathroom remodel. The color of the tile is best white or light beige.

3) The cabinet under the washbasin is best suspended or on the legs, you can remove the handles for the fronts and use the touch-opening method. Suspended cabinets are less capacious, but they do not take up as much space as floor cabinets.

4) The last thing to avoid when trying to make a small bathroom appear larger is large cabinets and wall hangings at or above eye level. Things to avoid include cabinets above the sink, wide and/or tall linen cabinets, and bollards.

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