Why is it worth having a window in the bathroom?

Why is it worth having a window in the bathroom?

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When planning the construction of a house or full home renovation, we must determine the layout of rooms and windows at the design stage. The bathroom is a room that should provide us with a sense of intimacy and privacy. For our comfort, the right amount of light is also important. In modern house designs, bathrooms with access to natural light are becoming more and more common. However, many people are still reluctant to install windows in the bathroom. In this article, we will present some of the most important arguments for having a window in the bathroom.

More warmth in the bathroom

Sunlight entering the bathroom through the window not only has a positive effect on well-being but also contributes to savings in the household budget. You do not need to use artificial lighting, thanks to which electricity bills are lower. The incoming sun’s rays also pleasantly warm the room, which gives the possibility of additional savings on heating. In addition, in a naturally lit room, you can do more precise makeup.

Better ventilation in the bathroom

Good air circulation is very important. Every bathroom, whether equipped with a bathtub or a shower, needs effective ventilation. Otherwise, the steam that accumulates after the bath will cause the humidity in the room to increase significantly. This can, however, contribute to the formation of mold and fungus that are dangerous to health and very difficult to remove. Having a window in the bathroom will allow us to ventilate the room freely, and even slightly ajar will give great effects and prevent the development of unwanted and unhealthy air raids.

Stylish interior

We usually think of the bathroom in purely practical terms, as a room that doesn’t need decoration. However, the bathroom is a very important point on the map of the house. Here we start the day getting ready to leave the house and here we end the day relaxing in the bath. Therefore, we deserve to enjoy the comfort of a pleasant, well-kept, and elegantly furnished interior. The window in the bathroom gives us such opportunities.

To sum up, a window in the bathroom is definitely a good idea, supported by both practical and aesthetic considerations.

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