Buy ready or build?

Buy ready or build?

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Owning your own home is a dream for many people. Privacy, distance from neighbors, and own garden are just some of the aspects that speak in favor of a home. Once you decide on a single-family property, the question arises – is it better to buy and renovate a ready-made building, or build a new one, according to your design? 

Building a house is a big undertaking that not everyone can handle. On the other hand, a house that was built by someone else may not meet your expectations. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of building a house from scratch, and which of ready-made houses? See what the market of detached houses looks like through the eyes of a construction company!

Advantages of building a house

The first and for some the most important thing when building a house is its location. When deciding to buy a plot, you can choose one that will be located outside the city or near your work. A plot outside the city will usually be much cheaper than one located close to the center. 

There is also no doubt that the house you build according to the selected project will meet all your requirements. Already at the stage of designing a house with an architect, you can ask him, for example, to plan additional rooms for a wardrobe in the long hall of the house or a place for your study, which will have a separate entrance. 

Your own house also means a lot of decision-making as to the appearance and functionality of the building. When building it, you decide not only about the layout of the rooms, but also about the area, the method of finishing, or even such seemingly insignificant things as the color of the tiles, the location, and the size of the terrace or garden design.

Building a house - disadvantages of such a solution

Of course, building your own home also comes with some disadvantages. Most often, these include the need to complete all formalities, devoting a lot of time to overseeing the project and contacting the contractor, and the need to plan purchases and organize their delivery to the construction site. 

Building a house is also time. Time, which for many people is worth its weight in gold. As long as you have a place to live, you will probably not be in a hurry to build. But when this is to be your first property, you will still have to face the additional costs of renting an apartment for the duration of construction. And this significantly increases the cost of investment and sometimes it is simply unprofitable.

Buying a house - good idea or not?

A ready-made house is often much more expensive than a self-built property. Its price includes the location of the property, accessibility, area, home furnishings, and even such aspects as the arrangement of rooms, location of the terrace, or technical condition of the building. The neighborhood and surroundings of the house are also important – usually, properties located outside the city are much cheaper than those located a few kilometers from the center. 

A second-hand property may also not meet all your expectations. It may turn out that, for example, the plot is too small or the driveway to the garage is too steep. While in the first case, you can’t do anything about it, you can slightly modify the driveway to the garage. But this will mean additional costs. The same goes for home renovations. When you decide on a property built several years ago, you will certainly want to improve something in it right away. In this case, it may turn out that the cost of buying a house will be much higher than if you decided to build it from the foundations.

On the other hand, when buying a ready house, you can also find an interesting property offer, for example with your own sauna or an additional bathroom, which you may not have even considered before. You won’t have to worry about fencing or landscaping. They may need some tweaking, but again, it will save you some time.

Construction or renovation? Hire professionals

Many people, wanting to save some money, usually decide to renovate the purchased property on their own. Meanwhile, such a solution only seems to be cheaper. Sometimes it may turn out that without professional construction equipment and a professional home renovation contractor, you will not move. Then you will have to incur an additional cost, and after the work is finished, you will be left with equipment that may no longer be useful to you. 

In addition, a professional construction company like LFM Construction & Remodeling usually offers a wide range of services – from construction to full home renovation and finishing of the property. It is worth taking advantage of their help and not worrying about the planned project.

LFM Construction & Remodeling is an experienced construction company. Austin is where they are based, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use their help to build a house in the area as well. Call and ask staff for details. They will gladly advise you.

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