Bathroom & Kitchen Remodel - Lake Austin

Bathroom Remodel - Lake Austin

This large Lake Austin bathroom needed a reworked layout to increase its functionality. To help with this, our bathroom design team worked magic by helping our client build custom bathroom storage, install a long double-sink vanity, and create a shower and tub wet room. 

  • Updated Gray Bathroom Vanity 
  • New walk-in shower and soaking tub
  • Old bathroom 
  • Upgrade bathroom
  • New bathroom cabinet custom-made

Opposite Corner View of the walk-in bath and double sink vanity.

 Before pics of the bathroom

 After pics of the bathroom

Leo and the LFM Team had cabinetries custom-made to accommodate the unique shape of the wall

Our team made sure to pay attention to every detail

Kitchen Remodel - Lake Austin

This heart-stopping kitchen remodel did not skip out on any of the most needed kitchen items. Take a look at all of the fantastic kitchen updates;

  • Updated white kitchen cabinets
  • New hardware kitchen cabinets
  • Slick grant countertops 
  • New kitchen island 
  • Stainless steel stove with a range hood
  • End of the island wine cooler

Overall view of the kitchen with an extended island and new finishes.


Before the kitchen renovation

After the kitchen renovation

Leo standing by the new cabinets with glass added to the ceiling

The wine cooler added at the end of the island

Before the renovation

After the renovation with extended cabinets island

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