Bee Cave Bathroom Remodel

This beautiful bathroom remodel is located just West of our beautiful city in Austin, TX requiring high-end construction and materials. The bathroom initially had a leak that needed to be repaired. With the bathroom being on the second floor, there is more risk to damage the floor beneath with any future leaks. So, we used the best method to waterproof with a fiberglass base layer before laying the new tile.

This beautiful bathroom remodel is located in West Austin, Texas. What started as a second-floor bathroom leak that was causing damage to the lower living space turned into a magnificent new bathroom. We waterproof with a fiberglass base layer to prevent future water damage before laying the new tile.

Breathtaking new shower wall tile in the new walk-in shower.

We installed a new double vanity and updated the shower with a sleek glass shower door.

The Finish Design

We used a mix of earth tones within the bathroom tiles to give a warm feeling as you enter into the new bathroom remodel. We used larger bathroom tiles to help remodel the small bathroom, making it appear bigger. 

To help give this updated bathroom a fresh bathroom design, we added;

  • New white bathroom vanity
  • Polish silver bathroom set
  • White bathroom mirror
  • A relaxing rain shower head
  • A fresh coat of Sherwin Williams paint
  • Updated flush mount bathroom lights
  • and more

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