Great Hills Bathroom Remodel

In this bathroom remodel in the Great Hills neighborhood of Austin, TX, we updated an old bathroom to a vibrant, beautiful haven for our customers. The free-standing tub with the modern shower makes this a true spa getaway.

Leo showed off this beautiful free-standing tub after the renovation.

Updated tile flooring

The Design Process

This bathroom renovation aimed to create a more spacious feel by implementing a new color scheme, modernizing the fixtures, and maximizing storage options. After assessing the client’s needs, we came up with removing the bathtub, which was no longer needed, and turning that space into a functional shower. In addition, a linen closet for added storage.

Before the bathroom remodel

After the renovation

Creative Bathroom Design

With this bathroom remodel we ripped out the old tile, tub, and shower as well as the vanity.
We built a custom-floated double-sink vanity with LED lighting underneath to provide a modern look. In the shower we built, we provided 2 shampoo niches and we installed wood panels around the built-in storage to match the design of the vanity.

Overview of the whole bathroom remodel.

Another shot of the modern tub update with beautiful wall tile.

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