Loma Vista Bathroom Remodel

For our client, this bathroom remodel turned out to be breathtaking with all the little details that helped make this a true bathroom masterpiece. This beautiful bathroom remodel near Loma Vista in Austin, TX, was stuck in the 1970s; our team helped our client create a more modern bathroom design. The small bathroom remodel included;

  • Matte Black Square Shower Head
  • Mosaic Tiles are Made of Glass and Stone.
  • Frameless shower enclosure
  • Custom bathroom shower 
  • New bathroom vanity with sink
  • Updated bathroom mirror with lights
  • and more
Matte Black Square Shower Head and Mosaic Tiles Made of Glass and Stone.

The Design Process

To transform the bathroom into a large and modernized curation, Leo and the LFM Team have come up with a creative way to achieve the perfect bathroom style. We revamped the lighting and the tile flooring of the bathroom which will match the design. Also, we flaunted the bathroom with a well-balanced decoration to make it warmer, more comfortable and inviting to use.

Creative Bathroom Design:

With this bathroom remodel, instead of separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom through a curtain or a half wall, a clear glass shower door makes the shower part of the room. 

A spacious shower niche installed within the wall of the shower room keeps the shower space clutter-free and organized. We also set up a well-designed small bathroom vanity that comes with a built-in cabinet. This can store washing supplies under the countertop to keep the sink clean and to create more visual space.

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