Modernized Bathroom Remodel and Home Addition

Richcreek Road was two projects with a bathroom remodel and home addition simultaneously, which we were happy to take on. The client found us after their home was greatly affected by the Austin, Texas freeze. Let’s check out how we were able to help them update their bathroom and add more living space to their home.

Bathroom Remodeling

The master bathroom remodel was one that turned out to be picture-perfect. The free-standing tub paired with a sleek modern shower design with a mix of contemporary bathroom tile helps tie everything together. The homeowner also wanted to add a tile accent wall bathroom to help pull guests’ eyes to all unique bathroom features, such as the rainfall shower head.

LFM bathroom remodeling
LFM bathroom remodeling

The Design Process

The team was up for the challenge of incorporating sophisticated gold accents into the bathroom. They used gold accents in the mirrors, bathroom faucets, and within the bathroom hardware. The golden accents help keep your eyes wondering about the complete bathroom makeover. 

The following design element within this master bathroom remodel was using bathroom tile to help polish off the design. The team used white bathroom tiles to give it a clean feeling and tan shower wall tiles to help give it a warm, relaxing feel. 

The client wanted to expand their bathroom to make room for a walk-in shower, complete with a rain shower head in the center, providing a spa-like experience.

Looking to add additional storage to their bathroom, we added an extended double sink vanity, enhancing the bathroom’s functionality and convenience for the homeowners.

bathroom remodeling
Creative Design Process

The bathroom renovation produced a stunning modern and revitalized space. The transformation involved replacing the vanity, tile, and adding storage, ultimately creating a sanctuary for the client. The new vanity and tile exude a chic and contemporary vibe, while the fresh coat of paint enhances the space’s appeal by infusing it with a bright and inviting ambiance.

LFM Bathroom Remodeling
Home Additions

The client wanted to create additional space to help with growing family needs. They also noted that this added space will help increase the value of their home when they are looking to sell it. 

To ensure the home value increased, we helped the client plan every inch of the space to maximize the functionality of this new space. The client wanted to ensure the new addition aligned well with the current interior and exterior. To achieve this, we used a darker brick on the exterior to give off a welcome look and tie it into the already brick exterior. We matched the paint and trim in the interior design to harmonize the current and new living space. 

Thanks to a well-considered strategy, the client’s residence has become a roomy and cozy retreat that caters to their distinct requirements and way of life. The extension offers more room and enhances the general style and practicality of the house, resulting in a stunning and peaceful living area that the household will cherish for many years.

Additional room-LFM Construction and Remodeling
Add an additional space to the Residence.
Additional room-LFM Construction and Remodeling
Additional room-LFM Construction and Remodeling
Additional room-LFM Construction and Remodeling
During the process of finishing work.
Additional room-LFM Construction and Remodeling
After the work, there is an additional area. 
Additional room-LFM Construction and Remodeling

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