Southwest Austin Modern Bathroom Remodel

In this bathroom remodel, our clients wanted more storage space and they didn’t use the tub they had in place. So we decided to take out their existing tub, build a walk-in shower in its place and build a nice storage area where their original shower was. We built a custom vanity for them and added height to it. We also added shower heads on both sides of the shower and to give a spa effect added body sprayers on both sides of the shower as well.

Bathroom Remodeling

Before Renovation

Walk-in Shower Pic After Renovation

Beautiful Vanity with Simple Accents and Black Framed Mirrors

Bathroom-LFM Construction and Remodeling

The Design Process

The idea with this bathroom was to make it feel larger with a new color scheme and updated fixtures and open up the space while at the same time adding storage. Something had to go and the customers didn’t use their tubs. That gave us the opportunity to build a better shower and add much-needed storage space in the form of a linen closet. This was a unique bathroom remodel with amazing existing features that we got to add to in character.

Before the bathroom remodel. Notice how outdated this bathroom is.

View from the finished shower

Small Modern Bathroom Design

We went with simple features that opened up the space of this smaller bathroom that allowed us to do a full walk-in shower.
Modern updated mirrors paired with accented flooring.

Leo and the Lacrosse Modern Bathroom
View of the beautiful walk-in shower with body sprayers.
Simple Bathroom Storage for a smaller space.

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