Stone Design Bathroom Remodel

Before starting the remodel, this bathroom had a small shower and large tub, so we converted this into a much larger shower with a shower head on the right, a rain shower head in the middle, and a bench with a water sprayer on the left. We replaced the window with a new, more modern window. We also noticed that the toilet room door was too close to the entrance and every time someone would use the room, the door would hit the entrance door. Therefore we decided to install a pocket door for the toilet room and we had to open the wall and reframe it for that door. This was a great remodel project for us and we and the clients are happy with how it turned out.

Space Optimization

Working with the stone tile was a skillful process that took time and intention but it was worth it. Updating this bathroom that had old tile and blue walls into something more modern with elegant tile and great accents are exactly what the LFM team does best.

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