Windsor Park Kitchen & Bathroom

For this project in the Windsor Park neighborhood of Austin, TX, we did a bathroom remodel, a powder room remodel and a kitchen refinish. We love being able to do multiple projects in one and our clients loved the renovation service We provided for their home. Check out our work below.



The Kitchen Design Process

Our project is a perfect example of a kitchen refinish without gutting everything out. By doing that you can update the look of the kitchen while keeping the cost a lot lower than installing brand-new cabinets. This option fits best in situations where the overall layout and the condition of the kitchen cabinets are fine but the color or the design of the doors needed to be changed for the updated look. In the kitchen project, we replaced all the doors and drawer faces, and we installed new hardware (a self-closing mechanism for all doors and drawers). We installed new handles and painted all new doors and drawer faces and old kitchen cabinet boxes. Then our team replaced the countertops and the faucet and we made some adjustments and fabrications to the original cabinet boxes. After that, we demolished the section of the cooktop cabinet and replaced it with custom-made new cabinets to match the existing cabinets in order to fit a brand-new range. We removed the old oven and replaced it with a new custom-made cabinet unit to match the existing cabinets and to fit the microwave on a shelf. Apart from that we also fabricated the opening of the fridge to be able to fit a new larger fridge.


Around all of those cabinet adjustments, we also made sure to make all necessary plumbing and electrical adjustments according to building codes. For example: The microwave needed to be connected to a 110-volt outlet but in this area, there was a 220-volt outlet because of the old oven that was located there before. Therefore we had to make the adjustment and switch this outlet from 110 to 220. We also needed to run a new water line and install a shut-off valve behind the fridge for water and ice because the existing water line was located too high and without a shut-off valve which is not up to code.

The Bathroom Design Process

Our client wanted a fresh, updated look for their new bathroom. We had to knock down the wall that separated the vanity from the old tub to create an open concept. Also, we switched out the tub with a nice tiled shower and we left a pony wall between the vanity and the shower so we could use a full-size vanity from wall to wall. Apart from that we relocated their lights to improve the lighting in the bathroom.



The Powder Room Design Process

For the powder room, we laid new tile, painted, installed a new vanity, removed the wood molding on the walls, and removed the heating element on the ceiling that was never in use. We then sealed that opening with drywall and our client could not be happier with the result. They now have an updated powder room that they can put to good use.

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