Kitchen Trends 2023

1. High Contrast

The combination of black and white is a fashionable solution in many modern homes today. If you like contrasting interiors, you can go ahead and introduce contrasting colors to your kitchen. In the case of strong and intense colors, however, there is one small risk. Such a palette of colors can get boring relatively quickly. Therefore, it is worth rethinking the contrast in the kitchen thoroughly.

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2. Double islands

The double island not only looks elegant and stylish but also offers a practical solution for both storage and workspace.

Double islands provide plenty of cabinet space, meaning you can store more appliances and kitchen utensils. This keeps your kitchen looking organized and streamlined, allowing you to focus on cooking without worrying about a messy workspace.

3. Brights mixed with woods

The duo of wood and white can be used in any style, from classic, elegant interiors to modern, minimalist kitchens. It all depends on the proportions of the individual materials and how they are used. Wood breaks the sterile character of completely white kitchens, and adds a bit of coziness to the designed interior.

Kitchens in white and wood are an interesting base for full home renovation. This neutral base goes well with virtually any color – from pastel shades to expressive green or navy blue. Kitchens in white and wood also look interesting with less obvious gold or black accessories.

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4. Stone

Natural stone is an ideal material for finishing floors and walls in the kitchen. Its aesthetic and functional qualities make it a very interesting alternative to commonly used materials. The most important thing is that as a creation of Nature, stone – unlike industrially produced materials – is unique and provides each interior with a unique, original charm.

Most stones are great for flooring. Hard, waterproof, and acid-resistant granite can easily compete with porcelain tiles.

Marbles are also in trend right now. Marble is a return to the classics. White and black marbles in large formats are now particularly popular with designers, which after their arrangement gives the effect of a uniform sheet.

5. Wood Cabinetry

Undoubtedly, the most fashionable interior trends point to a return to nature. Nature is the best template for contemporary architects and interior designers. Ingenious solutions and the effective contemporary form in which wood can be dressed make this building material enjoy unflagging recognition. When arranged with wood, the size of the room that is intended for the kitchen does not matter. It will be perfect in small kitchens, as well as large ones, or even huge, extremely spacious living rooms combined with a kitchen in a modern loft style. Wood in the interior gives warmth and makes the room atmospheric and graceful. At the same time, it perfectly corresponds with other materials: stone, glass, or fashionable metal

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Which trend do you like the most? Or maybe you would like to implement it in your own kitchen?

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