Marble bathroom - a trend that never goes out of fashion

Marble is a natural rock formed under certain conditions. On its surface, you can see a dynamic process of transformation, which is expressed in the form of heterogeneous scratches, veins, and streaks, arranged in unique tones. They determine the uniqueness and extraordinary popularity of this material.

Marble is often used by artists and interior designers. This material basically never goes out of fashion. It fits perfectly with almost any interior, but it is most often introduced to modern, minimalist bathrooms.

Natural marble is quite durable and resistant to damage (although it is inferior to granite in this field), which is why it is a solution for many years. However, so that it does not lose its valuable qualities, it must be properly cared for, preferably using dedicated cleaning agents. Marble does not tolerate contact with acids, so it must not be cleaned with strong preparations.

For those who prefer less demanding, but equally beautiful materials, we recommend looking at marble imitations. They are easier to clean, they are more resistant to moisture, and at the same time, they look just as phenomenal.

Marble in the bathroom - where does it look best?

When arranging, before bathroom remodel it is worth thinking about how many marble elements we want to put in it. The good news is that it’s really hard to overdo it. If we stick to bright colors, we can make it the dominant material – then the bathroom will give the impression of being carved in rock.

You can also decide to introduce marble in a smaller amount, e.g. on the walls and floor (on each of the walls or only in fragments), or on countertops. Interesting and at the same time very discreet ideas for marble decorations are marble handles, small shelves, soap dishes, containers for jewelry and cosmetic accessories, as well as stylish candle stands.

Marble bathroom accessories

Marble is one of those materials that look great alone. It is so elegant and unique that it does not need any additional reinforcements. On the other hand, it is very easy to combine it with other elements. It is worth doing, for example, when we want to introduce a specific atmosphere to the interior – modernist, industrial, retro, etc. For example:

  • Golden fittings, a richly decorated mirror, and a velvet pouffe will bring the atmosphere of art déco
  • A crystal chandelier will emphasize the glamor style
  • Metal elements and raw forms of furniture will introduce an industrial note
  • Clay jugs will bring the aura of the living room
Marble bathroom with wood

A marble bathroom, despite its undeniable beauty, maybe too sterile and cold for some. In order to slightly break this atmosphere and give the room a cosiness and more homely character, it is enough to introduce a few wooden elements. Natural wood softens the rawness of the stone and makes the arrangement harmonious and coherent, and at the same time remains refined and elegant. Wood can be introduced into a marble bathroom in two ways:

  •  as an equivalent element of equipment – when we want to maintain a symmetrical division in the interior. They will check, among others, wooden wall panels, wooden floors, or wide wooden countertops
  •  as a subtle arrangement accessory – it can be wooden furniture, stylized mirror frames, or bathroom accessories – soap dishes, jewelry containers, flower pots, etc.
Small marble bathroom - how to arrange it?

Marble is most often chosen for large, spacious bathrooms, but it can also look great in a smaller area. When we decide to finish a small bathroom in this way, we should follow a few important rules.

First of all, let’s focus on light shades of the material. The dominant color should be whites, delicate beiges, or very discreet greys. Why is it so important? Bright colors will give the interior lightness and elegance and make it seem larger and more spacious than it really is. Dark marble will optically reduce a small room.

If we do not like monotony and want to introduce a contrasting accent, we can use it in accessories.

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