Spicewood Estates | White Marble Bathroom Remodel

The “wet area” concept gives the option to move between the shower and the tub reality without exiting the shower. If you’re taking a bath and would like to wash your body in the shower at the end, it’s very convenient. The new look is also very contemporary.

Overview of the bathroom


With a new design in mind, we knew we would need to relocate a lot of the plumbing to create the wet room functionality. Almost every fixture needed to be moved in order to create the vision that the customer had. 

Additional Fixes:

The bathroom was very outdated before beginning the project with old paint and popcorn ceilings. We scraped off the popcorn ceiling. We updated the paint color to reflect the new, clean, and bright bathroom aesthetic.

Vanity, new illuminated mirror, and beautiful new countertops.

The overall before and after photos!

The Transformation

Our customer was very excited with the end result. We love how beautiful the white marble, updated colors, and beautiful new fixtures look in this “wet room” transformation.

Hear what the customer has to say in the video below!