Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

We started this project just for bathroom remodeling, once our friends Mireya and Andrew saw the job that was done they fell in love with the way LFM Construction & Remodeling works. Once the bathroom was completed they decided to move forward with their kitchen remodeling in their 1960s home, they were very pleased with the final results since their main concern was the lighting of the house.

Kitchen Remodeling

Before picture taken from the kitchen.

We designed a built-in space for the new fridge, and the remaining space was used to add new cabinets.

mexican kitchen

The most important thing for our customers was the lighting of the areas, here’s a part of the final result. 

Bathroom Remodeling

white bathroom cabinet

Here we have some pictures of the customer’s bathroom we improved the lighting and added a beautiful vanity.

green tiles

This is part of the tile work done in the walk-in shower.