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Room Addition & ADU's

If you are wanting to add more square footage to your existing home or add a new detached structure, we can help! These kinds of remodels are very customized and can be done in multiple different ways and layouts. That’s why it’s important to first understand what the available options are to get a rough estimate of each option.

Here at LFM Remodeling we are able to help you figure out all of that.

We will do this by starting with a complimentary call. After that we’ll start to work on the research it takes to find out the restrictions, guidelines, and codes we need to follow based on the area your property is located. The initial research paired with our experience allows us to give you an idea of what the best possible options are. In some cases you can understand what you want to do may not be possible. Also, as a general contractor, we are responsible to make sure the customer has the right budget for the project. Apart from that, we’ll be able to be sure to get to you with rough numbers of realistic prices. This way we make sure you’re not getting the wrong information from unskilled contractors. Also you won’t find yourself running out of money in the middle of a big project such as a room addition or an ADU.

Next Steps

The next step after our due diligence will be to understand exactly what your vision is. Next, we’ll submit a project proposal for the pre-construction phase which will cover the plans and the design. Then we’ll start working on the plans, rather if it’s going to be a detached ADU for rental purposes. We will work with you make sure we do it smart and efficiently.
Once plans are finalized and you’re satisfied with the options we’ve brought to you, we will be able to give you an exact proposal.

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Designing the ADU of your Dreams LFM Remodeling stays up to date on current market trends for ADU builds throughout Texas.

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