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Should I live in the house during the remodel or move out?

It depends on the type of remodeling being done, but generally, a complete home renovation could be more efficient and convenient if the homeowners are not living in the house during the project. It’s best to have the house empty of personal belongings and furniture. Buying a new home and fully remodeling it before moving in is a great option or just moving out for the duration of the project is an option as well.

In the case that you want to perform the remodel while you are still living in the house, we are able to accommodate you but you should expect a longer lead time due to the fact that we’ll have to cover masking, moving furniture as needed, and leaving at least one functional bathroom at a time that will allow you to keep living in the house.

There’s so much that goes into a remodel, where should I start?

We broke the old stonework from the exterior of the home and haul it away. Before installing the siding, we replaced any damaged wood, filled all the cracks, and inspected for any flaws in the base of the exterior. We installed new siding and prepared and painted the house to give it this new modern and updated look.

LFM Remodeling is a specialized company in major renovations and will help you determine what you should be focusing on based on your priorities, taste, and budget. Regarding the process, plans, design, and cost we highly recommend getting that information on all of our project pages listed below:

Bathroom Remodel

Kitchen Remodel


Window/Door Installation

Garage Conversion

Besides all of these options, LFM Remodeling will be able to handle a complete excessive home remodel that includes changing the structure of the house (raising the roof, adding a balcony on the second floor, etc.) We’ll be able to cover exterior work such as painting, exterior finishing (stones, siding, etc.), driveways, landscaping, hardscaping, and adding or remodeling pools.

Would I get a discount for doing my entire home with you?

One important thing to keep in mind: while remodeling an entire house that’s planned wisely in advance, things are done more efficiently which in many cases lowers the labor costs as a company. Therefore while adding our markup, the total price for the project would come out lower than if you would do multiple tasks separately at different times, especially while we are living in a market that constantly keeps going up.

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