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Window & Door Installation

The windows and doors of your house are essential for a few reasons:

1. Design – selecting the right windows and doors that would fit the exterior and interior finishing of your house will determine the decor of the house and it’s a great way to improve the aesthetic of your home and bring something more contemporary.

2. Insulation – Depending on the type of windows/doors, we are able to select different types that would make your house more energy efficient and make you use the AC less often. That will lead to a nicer and more consistent atmosphere in your house and save money on electric bills

3. Comfort – Adding new windows and doors might make your life easier by matching the right type of windows to your needs.

Window replacement in most cases requires additional adjustments besides hauling away the old windows. Installing new windows can require interior/exterior repairs or reframing due to a previous custom window size or the new location of the window.

windows in living room
windows in bedroom

Other Benefits

The biggest benefit of replacing your windows and doors with LFM Remodeling is that we are not only a window replacement company. We are a general contractor that handles much more than windows and doors. We will be able to help you complete the project under one ceiling. Everything without worrying about hiring different companies to complete the rest of the tasks.

In addition, in many situations, it can be easier, more efficient, and cheaper to combine the window replacements with some extra work that you’re planning to get done anyway. For example- You’re planning to the exterior siding of your home and you want to change it to a stone finish. Combining that with window replacements will significantly lower the rates of window replacements. If this is what you’re thinking of doing, or something similar, you can save money by working with one company.

Andersen Window Installer

Certified Windows and Door Installers

LFM is committed to providing the highest standards of window and door installation and proof that we are certified installers of Andersen windows and doors. Andersen has led the window and door industry for decades. The qualification process of working with Andersen is a process full of dedication and requires high-performance skills, supreme customer service, and extraordinary insurance that goes above and beyond the requirements of general contractors in Austin, TX. By being a certified installer of Andersen we can officially provide a manufacturer installation warranty that can be given only by a certified installer.

Besides installing the new windows and doors properly, we have access to window and door software that shows you in 3D all of your available options (color, material, type of glass, grills, and more). We will help you select the desired windows based on your taste, budget, and needs

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